IBM Cognos Planning Analytics

IBM Cognos TM1 capabilities span personal, functional, and enterprise requirements for planning, analysis and reporting to help finance drive timely decision-making. Cognos TM1 reduces planning cycles by as much as 75% and reporting from days to minutes.

Cognos TM1 raises planning and what-if analysis to new levels of responsiveness. Owned by finance and line of businesses, it allows for aligning financial and operational targets in one connected dynamic solution to help uncover new business options, increase profits, and manage capital effectively. And it facilitates dynamic planning, forecasting and profitability analysis.

Key capabilities of IBM Cognos TM1 consist of:

  • Flexible data access to data warehouses, ERP systems, excels worksheets and any ODBC-compliant databases
  • Central management of data, business hierarchies, rules, and calculations. Centralization provides a single version of the truth across the organization
  • Information gathering, aggregation and analysis for continuous planning
  • On-demand analysis providing a fact-based approach to the planning process
  • Flexible ‘what-if’ scenario modeling to determine impact and identify the scenario that will most likely improve the performance
  • Advanced personalization with managed workflow, where you review plans and dynamically build your own scenarios sharing them with the team to make informed decisions
  • Integration with Excel as well as Excel formatting on the Web
  • Automated workflows
  • Contribution to plans over the web or from the desktop
  • Collaboration with many users across the organization
  • Full integration with IBM Cognos enterprise solutions
  • Data and user scalability, providing exceptionally fast performance for large, sophisticated models and data sets due to the patented, 64-bit, in-memory OLAP for enterprise scalability and on-demand scenario modeling
  • Role-based security supporting multiple users and user types
  • Full Unicode support accommodating expanded string lengths beyond 255 characters