Scorecarding & Dashboarding

Scorecarding and Dashboarding solutions provide key decision makers with relevant and trusted information to help answer the question – “How are we doing?”  The ultimate goal is to provide executives and managers with better insights into their business performance, allowing them to drive better business decisions. 

Dashboards provide highly visual views of information, so that you can monitor, measure, and manage corporate performance at-a-glance. This allows you to quickly identify areas in need of attention so that you can focus you time and energy on improvements. IBM dashboarding solution allows you to:

  • Create, assemble and personalize high impact visual dashboards with various kinds of Business Intelligence content
  • Combine information across disparate sources (e.g. relational, multi-dimensional, flat files)
  • Access and interact with dashboards via portal or mobile devices, regardless of language or location
  • Analyze information on your dashboards to determine the correct course of action
  • Collaborate on your dashboards with annotations and comments
  • Share information with and distribute dashboards to a broad audience, where everyone with access rights to the dashboards will be able to view the information in a consistent manner

While dashboards provide high impact visuals, scorecards measure performance against benchmarks, thresholds or targets to help align decisions and tactics to the strategic initiatives.  IBM scorecarding solution allows you to:

  • Automate the strategy management process
  • Communicate your strategy by creating strategy maps and balanced scorecards, where KPIs are tied to different strategic objectives
  • Visualize the impact of KPIs on one another and the overall strategy by creating metric impact diagrams
  • Track performance against strategic objectives by providing instant measurement relative to targets and benchmarks, along with status indicators to quickly visualize your performance
  • Set alerts and notifications to identify problematic areas
  • Ensure metric ownership and accountability
  • Collaborate on your scorecards with comments
  • Incorporate scorecards in executive dashboards or reports to make full use of dashboarding and reporting capabilities
  • Share information and results with a broad audience