Business Process Management (BPM)

When it comes to Business Process Management, our main focus is to work with individual business units or cross-functional units within organizations to enable our clients to align key business processes and continuously optimize them. Doing so introduces cost effectiveness, process efficiency, improved cycle time, and greater staff productivity into our client’s organizations.

Our Business Process Management services consist of:

  • Establishment of a business process baseline using the APQC Process Classification Framework
  • Implementation of governance and end-to-end process ownership
  • Definition and implementation of engagement models with corporate functions (such as Finance, HR, and IT)
  • Identification of key business processes engineering initiatives and linkage to strategy
  • Business process mapping
  • Definition of process drivers and performance measures
  • Implementation of best practices for key business processes
  • Measurement of performance and establishment of targets
  • Definition of strategy and roadmaps for process standardization and continuous improvement
  • Business process benchmarking