Business Benchmarking

Benchmarking is a key part of your business success.  It helps your organization gain insight into areas where you can take action to implement proven best practices and improve the organization’s operational efficiency and effectiveness. Become best in class and gain strategic, operational, and financial advantage by benchmarking your organization's performance against your peers and industry leaders.

Our expertise in benchmarking spans over 10 years of working with the Hackett Group and APQC to benchmark entire functions of different organizations including HR, Finance, Operations, and IT.

Our Benchmarking services consist of:

  • Performing an assessment of current key business process areas
  • Identifying key critical success factors for the organization
  • Assessing the current core business processes that impact critical success factors
  • Prioritizing and selecting the processes that have the greatest impact on objectives
  • Choosing performance measures that drive decision making
  • Aligning projects and activities with overall strategic goals
  • Identifying necessary data collection requirements and validation processes
  • Benchmarking performance against peers and industry leaders using APQC Open Standards Benchmarking Assessments
  • Identifying gaps and analyzing findings
  • Implementing best practices and a process improvement plan